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The Living Well, Nonington, Canterbury Diocesan Centre for Healing & Wholeness

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

The deep supportive listening, laying on of hands in prayer, and the anointing with oil

for healing was always something we offered and so during the pandemic, we realised that whilst some of those gifts and practices had been thwarted, God had not.

We took a welcoming informal style and enabled worship and prayer appointments online. We listened over the phone, increased our social media and blog activity, kept in contact by email, looked after each other as a team, prayed, and conquered Zoom!

We facilitated online Quiet Days and took our parish Hub Days online. We saw the extensive and pertinent value of our Prayer Chain and Prayer Companions - and when we could we kept our doors open as much as possible.

Individual retreats and prayer appointments in person are now available, we continue with online prayer appointments and hope to see weekly worship restored very soon. God has been faithful to us and we have seen His work among us - we praise Him!

Rev Lorraine Apps - Huggins.

Lead Chaplain


The Living Well – Canterbury Diocesan Centre for Healing and Wholeness The Vicarage, Vicarage Lane, Nonington, Kent CT15 4JT

Tel: 01304 842847

Registered Charity No. 1123792

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