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Projects run by the Janki Foundation during lockdown 2020- 2021

The following are projects run during lockdown by the Janki Foundation, a UK based charity promoting spirituality in health care. All projects from the charity are voluntary contributions to society. The donations received go towards supporting Global Hospital & Research Centre in Mt Abu, Rajasthan, India, which serves a deprived population.

1. Shining Light on Death

This project has evolved in the last 4 years as a series of lectures, workshops and conversations. The events initially explored the meaning of death and dying and progressed to exploring grief and bereavement. The need for spiritual insights was felt much before COVID 19 had taken its hold across the world.

Through continued conversations, we know we could be grieving for a long time or move from denial to acceptance in a moment of clarity. There are times when pain and guilt is unbearable and at times it can transition to increasing calm. These experiences have collectively changed our world view and how we think about life, relationships and how we can further connect and bring hope. We understand it is important to make sense of the new norm, find a way to create safe spaces to talk and most importantly to grieve well.

The following video links will illustrate some parts of the project’s journey before and through the pandemic.

- Shining Light on Death – ‘What happens when you die?’ Dr Peter Fenwick

- Shining Light on Death – ‘Facing our Fear of Death – Spiritual aspects of dying.’ Sister Jayanti

- Shining Light on Death – Transitions through Grief

- Shining Light on Death – Living and Dying Well

2. Embracing Isolation

A series of interactive presentations focusing on working with our inner resources and a variety of approaches to combat and transform the effects of isolation and loneliness on physical, psychological and social well-being.

Coming together during the first U.K. lockdown, the team offers stories, practical ideas and spiritual tools and share from professional and personal perspectives, distilled into four 90 minute webinars.

Session 1 - ‘Being Alone: Isolation or Retreat?

Session 2 - Taking Care, Valuing Your Well-Being

Session 3 - Self Expression and Creativity

Session 4 - Empowering and Implementing Choices

3. Stillness in the Storm- 7 tools for coping with fear and uncertainty

Written during lockdown, co-authors Jan Alcoe (BSSc PsychHons, DHypPsych - UK) and Dr Sarah Eagger (MB,BS; FRCPsych) Share their insights and practical tools for coping with fear and uncertainty.

About the Book

This unique book offers seven practical self-help tools drawn from a broad range of positive psychology, therapeutic, and spiritual models and approaches, each designed to help us discover the ‘stillness in the storm’ - our sense of peace and inner wholeness. The book includes simple exercises, audio meditations and commentaries, emergency responses, and positive affirmations to help the reader put its powerful ideas into everyday practice.

The 7 tools consist of:

1. Creating inner safety

2. Being present

3. Loving myself

4. Stepping back and accepting

5. Empowering myself

6. Connecting

7. Discovering inner peace and wholeness


8. Resilience beyond the storm

The paperback and e-Book are available at:

There is also a video of the launch and an interview with the authors available on the website- :

4. Retreats for healthcare workers and those in caring roles

Organised by Dr Julia Ronder ( and Janki Foundation

During the pandemic we have held several 1-day silent retreats outside in the beautiful retreat gardens of the Quiet View, Kingston, Kent. When we were not able to gather in person, we held the retreats online as half day events. The retreats were guided by members of our multidisciplinary team, (Dr Julia Ronder, Rev Lizzie Hopthrow, Renee van der Vloodt and Lorraine Millard), on the themes of:

Ø Holding onto Peace

Ø Peace after Lockdown

Ø Peace in My Heart

Ø Moments of Mindfulness

Ø Riding the Waves; Cultivating Self-Compassion and Inner Peace

Ø Befriending Ourselves in Difficult Times.

These were all fully booked and will continue into the future. For further information see under Forthcoming Events.

5. Happidote

Made available during lockdown to support the NHS and other health and social care organisations.

A free mobile phone App- especially designed for Health and Social care professionals and anyone in a care giving role.

We have selected 10 stressful situations people commonly face in healthcare settings. Click on the scenario to hear the situation in full. Ask yourself “How do I feel?” The antidote corresponding to that situation is revealed through a short meditation. It will calm you down and bring you back to a state of balance. There are also features of short core meditations and you can spin the “Valuescope” for you value for the day.

Registered Charity No.1063908

Stillness in the Storm Flyer
Download PDF • 7.59MB

March 21 Happidote-updated-brochure
Download PDF • 3.21MB

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