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Spiritual Crisis Online: Support & Research During The Pandemic

The Spiritual Crisis Network (SCN) provides support to people who are concerned about, or distressed by, their unusual or anomalous experiences. We provide tips and advice by email, facilitate peer-support groups, and run volunteer training and awareness events.

During the pandemic all of our work has made the leap to online provision. This has allowed us to continue providing support and also to be more inclusive as geography is no longer a limitation.

I am one of the Directors of the SCN and help with their email support and peer-support groups. However, I am also undertaking PhD research into spiritual crisis. As part of this research, I am currently performing a service evaluation of the SCN and aim to publish the results of this study later this year. I hope to gather evidence that thinking about mental health in terms of spirituality can be beneficial for some people, and also to find out what kinds of practices, attitudes, and behaviours can help people navigate their way safely through their crisis. I have also re-established the SCN Research Group for anyone who is interested in the research into this area of human experience.

The Spiritual Crisis Network

Mike Rush

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