The Spiritual Adgenda in responding to COVID-19

On Friday 25th April, we hosted our first webinar series focusing on addressing the spiritual adgenda in responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We felt as though this was particularly information because there is much talk currently of maintaining our mental health but perhaps less of ensuring that our spiritual needs are met. In normal times our spiritual needs are often met by meetings or collective acts of fellowship and worship and we can be vulnerable when these sources are just turned off. For those working on the frontline and for those who are grieving, there may be an increased need for spiritual support. This is highly relevant to those who provide spiritual support to the NHS (staff and/or patients), staff in the care sector' and the local community.

Dr. Peter Rookes, who is the Secretary and 3rd Sector Liaison Officer of the Birmingham Council of Faiths was our speaker from the webinar. Dr Rookes reflected on his experience of connecting faith organisations with health services, education settings, and the legal realm. We were joined by 25 people from various occupational backgrounds and there was time for questions and reflections.

Some of the poignant points raised by Dr Rookes were:

· What is unique about the COVID-19 Pandemic

· Challenges in providing adequate and effective spiritual and pastoral care

· Reflections on the unknown impact of COVID-19

· How to adapt ways of working e.g. utilising phone and video conferencing software

· A description of how the Spiritual and Faith Centre has been set up in the Nightingale Hospital in Birmingham.

Please find the slides below.

We hope that you will join us for the next webinar very soon.

Dr Yvette Arthur

NSMHS Secretary

Download PPT • 8.51MB

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