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A Message From The Forum Chair

At these challenging times it is not surprising if there is a focus on sustaining our mental health at a time  when many of us are faced with new challenges on a daily basis  -  whether this means working on the front line in Health and Social Care or working with those who find self isolation and almost impossible challenge, for example those with severe and enduring mental health issues.

There are luckily a growing number of of sources of advice and tools to help to sustain mental health including advice on building our daily routines as well as thinking positively.

But for some this focus on  positive mental health may not be sufficient -  at this time of crisis and uncertainty   deeper questions often arise  - for example  what is the meaning of this situation in relation to my life  and that of my loved ones and friends  ? What is the meaning and purpose of my life ? Is this an opportunity to explore a deeper dimension in my life.? 

This is why the forum's focus on spirituality in the midst of this crisis has much to offer  - this is not just a question of practising a faith but as the late Professor Peter Gilbert reminded us,  it's an opportunity to explore how we  might need to 'nourish our soul'  at a time of crisis.

in this new situation we are  conscious that some may may not feel they need this focus while others could find it helpful.

For this reason we are organising a number of  webinars - the first on 24th April - do feel  free to suggest topics which you would like us to cover.

With best wishes

Ben Bano

Chair, National Spirituality and Mental Health Forum

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