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Dealing With Depressive Feelings: a summary

Updated: May 31, 2021

On Thursday 15th May the NSMHF held a webinar focused on dealing with depressive feelings by John McConnel

The aim of the session was to highlight the important part that spirituality can play in helping us to deal with depressive feelings, whether our own or other people’s.

It is important not to confuse spirituality with religion. Often the two words are used interchangeably and this can cause confusion.

Spirituality, or spiritual intelligence, is based on the understanding that each human being is not just a body. There is a ‘being’ in the body referred to in a variety of ways e.g. soul, spirit, the higher self, consciousness, eternal energy. It is seen as the source of our conscience, will power, qualities, values and virtues - the body is the instrument/vehicle through which it expresses itself.

Spirituality does not necessarily involve a belief in a god or a particular religion. It does involve recognising, appreciating, nurturing and empowering the inner being and looking beneath the surface of life for its deeper meaning and purpose.

The soul is by nature peaceful, loving, joyful, powerful and wise. Remembering and experiencing this through meditation, reflection or contemplation, enables us to see things more clearly and deal with depressive feelings in a more loving, accepting and detached way. We are not born depressed, we become depressed through life events and experiences. As it is not part of our original nature, we can more easily detach from it, see it as a blessing rather than a curse, learn the spiritual lessons underlying the experience and then let it go.

When we seek to help others it is important to remember that each of us is more our body, gender, sexuality, race, religion, roles or beliefs. When we see and connect with each other as souls magic happens.

Written by John McConnel

You can access a zoom recording of the webinar below. Please ensure that you also use the password when prompted.

Password: 4D=&3%+2

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