The Forum was founded in the 1990s as a vehicle to improve mental health provision. We are now a community of community leaders, practitioners and service users who come together in London and across the UK at talks and workshops on a regular basis.


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Breathing Space, (Jan 2006)

Spirituality is a tricky concept to understand.  Many people confuse those talking about their spirituality or spiritual needs as a reference to being a member of a religious institution.

Professor Peter Gilbert

Faith in one city: exploring religion, spirituality and mental well-being in urban UK, (2011)

There are intense current debates about the place of belief systems in a secular society, and also whether the mechanistic approach to mental health care is sufficient for human beings. This paper aims to describe the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation NHS Trust (BSMHFT) spirituality and mental health research programme within that context.

Professor Peter Gilbert

Don’t mention God, (2006)

For many people with mental health problems, spirituality is an essential part of their recovery. This is something that mental health services are beginning to recognise. Peter Gilbert and Natalie Watts outline the role and aims of the NIMHE spirituality project and the issues it aims to address.

Professor Peter Gilbert and Natalie Watts

From the cradle - to beyond the grave, (2011)

This paper aims to describe the content and import of a conference held in partnership between Staffordshire University and The National Spirituality and Mental Health Forum on the importance of considering life in the context of human mortality, and the meaning and purpose of our lives. It was one of a series of conferences on the theme of health and multi‐belief systems; other conferences were on mental health and civic regeneration. A fourth conference is planned for 2012 on dementia and beliefs.

Professor Peter Gilbert

Engaging Hearts and Minds… and the Spirit, (2007)

Since the tragic events of 9/11, faith has become an important discourse in society as a whole. This article explores aspects of that discourse in our multicultural society with special reference to mental health and well‐being, and describes a conference set up by NIMHE/Staffordshire University and the National Forum on Spirituality and Mental Health to explore how belief systems can affect people's well‐being and their recovery from mental illness

Professor Peter Gilbert

Why a forum on racially and ethnically diverse congregations? (2008)

As far back as 1899, in The Philadelphia Negro, W. E. B. Du Bois spoke about the "Negro Church" and the "White Church." He continued to do so throughout his long career, one that extended into the 1960s. Though he had his critiques, he largely praised the Negro Church as an adaptive institution that empowered African Americans in a racist nation.

Professor Peter Gilbert