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Beyond Resilience from Mastery to Mystery

People are actively engaged in a life-search for meaning and this search can lead them to take a spiritual perspective of themselves and the world in which they live. Some find this a spiritual journey-a journey towards an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of their being; or the deepest values and meanings by which people live-through art, music or religion. The ultimate purpose of our spiritual journey is to be an enabling meaning to be found and given for self and others. In Tibetan Buddhism,the ultimate intention and purpose of our personal and spiritual journey is to be of service and benefit to all beings and to bring all beings to 'enlightenment'. Enlightenment is the ultimate step on our journey, whereby we go beyond our everyday consciousness to serve a 'greater whole', where we are in touch with our ultimate, true nature- the essence of our being. We can think of this journey to enlightenment as a journey both for personal mastery and beyond it.

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“Sadness, Depression and the Dark Night of the Soul. Transcending the medicalisation of sadness”

Gloria presented to The Forum on 14th December 2016…     This book is based on the research project I carried out for my PhD (University College London). I set up a study to explore the conceptualisation of deep sadness and consequent help-seeking behaviour using several qualitative methods to gather data amongst 57 practising Catholics in different religious pathways (lay theological students, priests and contemplative nuns and monks) in different parts of Spain. The research experience was very intense and fulfilling, and writing this book gave me the opportunity to provide a detailed depiction of the participants’ narratives and ways of life, to reflect on the findings and to synthesise the lessons learned along the way which could be used in mainstream psychiatric practice.   The paperback book (and on Amazon Kindle) may be seen/ordered

This is a truly ground breaking publication. By bringing together insights from psychiatry and spirituality Dr Glòria Durà-Vilà has provided an exceptionally helpful guidebook for all involved in helping people in situations of personal distress, sadness and trauma. Professor Bernadette Flanagan, author of “Embracing Solitude”.

Spirituality and End of Life Care

This new book contains 18 chapters by inspirational writers with great expertise in their field of work, and spans palliative care in both child and adult care, and care for those with dementia.  The book also looks at all the issues surrounding end of life care, and the leadership required to provide an excellent service.  Edited by Peter Gilbert.  Royalties from the book go to the Motor Neurone Disease Association and St Richards Hospice.

Author: Professor Peter Gilbert (ed)

Date:  July 2013


Feeling stressed?  A Leaflet for Muslims

This mental health information leaflet for Muslims has been developed by Dr Kamran Ahmed, Psychiatrist in conjunction with the Muslim Council of Britain and the Royal College of Psychiatrists.  The leaflet is designed to help Muslims to understand mental health problems and encourage them to seek professional help when needed.

Author: Dr Kamran Ahmed

Date: June 2012


Multi-faith and non-religious leaflets supporting positive spirituality

An inspiring series of leaflets supporting positive self image and spirituality has been produced by Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Author: David McKnight and Rev Rachel Wadey

Date: Spring 2012

Series of templates that can be used to guide the implementation of mental health chaplaincy standards and development:

The South East Kent Chaplaincy Collaborative has produced a number of templates that can be used to guide the implementation of mental health chaplaincy standards and development.

Author:  Professor Peter Gilbert

Date: Spring 2011

Pavilion spirituality and mental health handbook

A handbook for service users, carers and staff wishing to bring a spiritual dimension to mental health services

Author: Professor Peter Gilbert

Date: March 2011

Report on the Place of Spirituality in Mental Health

The paper, commissioned by the Forum, aims to give a succinct overview of spirituality in mental health, with key pieces of evidence, for the inclusion of spiritual care in services. All sections suggest main resources and good practice examples, although many others exist and could be included. It is intended for managers, Spiritual and Pastoral Care leads, chaplains, NHS Trust directors, National Spirituality and Mental Health Forum members, and those interested in an overview of the field.

Author: Madeleine Parks and Professor Peter Gilbert

Date: February 2011

Mental Health, Religion and Culture

In September 2010 this specialist journal published by Routledge, ran a special edition on religion, spirituality and mental health.

Author: Professor Kate Loewenthal

Date: Sept 2010  (vol 13, Number 6)

Jewels for the Journey

Jewels for the Journey: Spirituality, Values and Mental Health gathers together personal and professional contributions from mental health professionals, carers and mental health service users and survivors.  It addresses the stigma that can surround both mental health and spirituality and explores the place of the spiritual in mental health care, teasing out its implications for research, education, training and good practice

Author: Mary Ellen Coyte, Peter Gilbert and Vicky Nicholls (eds)

Date:  July 2007


‘Hard to Believe’ DVD

Mind in Croydon’s influential ‘Hard to Believe’ DVD considers both mental health services' attitude and knowledge regarding peoples' spiritual needs and Faith communities' understanding of mental health problems/issues. The film tells the story of three service users, how their Spirituality was perceived by mental health services, and the role that Spirituality has played as part of their recovery. The film considers the work of the Chaplaincy at the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust and Nigel Copsey's Multi-Faith Team in East London. Dr Andrew Powell, who chaired the Royal College of Psychiatry's Spirituality Special Interest Group when the film was produced, also features. While some of the services featured have changed, the messages in the film remain as crucial and it can serve as an invaluable training tool.

Author: Mind in Croydon

Date:  April 2004


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