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Acorn Christian Healing -

Acorn Christian Healing Foundation “helps churches to bring healing and wholeness to people and communities.  Acorn provides people, regardless of their circumstances, background or life choices, with the opportunity to experience the "shalom" that is at the heart of the Christian message” through listening, quiet days, prayer for healing and training.

Action for Happiness -

The Association of Christian Counsellors -

The Association of Christian Counsellors is “a Christian UK-wide counselling organisation which aims to promote excellence in practice and standards in counselling and training; provide briefings, guidance and representation on any potential statutory developments that could affect the provision of counselling or pastoral care;  offers advice, support, resources and high-quality, affordable training.”

Being Alongside -

Bernadette Group -

Beyond Resilience, from Mastery to Mystery - by Sara-Jane Aris and Steve Murgatroyd

This may be ordered from,    or  at

BRACE - Funding research into Alzheimer’s -

Established in 1987, BRACE is a registered charity dedicated to supporting dementia research. BRACE has raised more than £13 million in funding for Alzheimer’s research, and is the catalyst for generating a greater understanding of the disease through the advancement of research.

Fundraising for Dementia Sufferers

Sponsored activities and fundraising events are both effective ways of raising funds for the charity and boosting awareness of dementia. BRACE holds many events on a regular basis, including concerts, balls, sponsored runs, fairs, and luncheons. All donations help considerably in the ongoing challenge of developing new ways of helping people affected by Alzheimer’s, and BRACE welcomes any volunteers who would like to support this crucial charity in any way they can.

Support Alzheimer’s Research

There are many ways you can help support Alzheimer’s research from simply making a one-off donation online to becoming a corporate sponsor of BRACE. Money raised will help to find ways to treat, cure, and prevent this disease.

Contact Us:

The BRACE Charity Office, Elgar House, Southmead Hospital, Southmead, BRISTOL, BS10 5NB

Tel: 0117 414 4831


British Association for the Study of Spirituality -

British Association of Christians in Psychology -

The British Association of Christians in Psychology is “for Christian professional and student psychologists in academic and applied settings and aims to support and encourage Christian psychologists; to support Christian churches (and allied organisations) in the UK by the provision of psychological knowledge and expertise in the service of their ministry; to promote empirical and theoretical research on the interface between psychology and religion; to encourage each other to share our faith; to establish and maintain relationships with similar organisations in the UK and other countries.

Catholic Church -

The Mental Health Project is an innovative project that exists to help the Catholic community to further develop pastoral support for mental health.  They have an excellent website which includes lots of useful resources and onward links

Centre for Mental Health -

The Centre for Mental Health (previously the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health) has a range of publications and advice, including the two research reports from East London:

Keeping the Faith:

Forward in Faith:


Multi-Faith Group for Healthcare Chaplaincy

The College of Healthcare Chaplains CHCC –Mental health resource group

The UK Board of Healthcare Chaplaincy (UK BHC)

The Scottish Association of Chaplains in Healthcare (SACH)

Chizuk - Orthadox Jewish Mental Health Support -

Christian Healing -

Christian healing UK is “an affiliation of Christian healing organisations and healing advisors across the UK. Their vision is to provide a forum for the leaders of Christian healing organisations to come together in mutual respect and understanding to further this ministry throughout our land; to become a national voice speaking out on matters concerning Christian healing; to reflect the biblical principle that when we work together as a body we are more effective than individual members; to establish a programme of regional meetings to act as a source of encouragement and support to all those involved in the healing ministry, regardless of whether or not they are in leadership.”

Church of England

a) Promoting mental health: A resource for spiritual and pastoral care  This is a flexible tool for use in Church of England  parishes, in a range of different groups and situations, to trigger discussion and debate. It was produced in 2005 by Mentality following work by a diverse steering group and much groundwork and piloting in local Church of England parishes.

b) Report on the General Synod mental health debate

Dementia Intiatives

Older people’s mental health is a growing area of concern, and many initiatives have been established to try and tackle some of the issues including stigma and neglect. Below are a couple of important projects and organisations:

Essex Mind and Spirit -

Faithaction -

Farsight -

Farsight “aims to increase awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health within African and African-Caribbean churches by equipping church leaders to talk about mental health with their congregations, and create mental health friendly environments in which everyone can learn and worship freely”.


Government Equalities Office

In October 2011 the Government published a quick guide to the Equality Act. ‘Equality Act 2010: What do I Need To Know? A Quick Start Guide On Religion Or Belief Discrimination In Service Provision For Voluntary And Community Organisations’

Guidelines on Spirituality for Staff in Acute Care Service.

NIMHE Acute Care Programme/Staffordshire University

Gilbert, P. Merchant, R. and Hayes, L. (2008)

Booklet, Leaflet, Poster and Evidence Resource

The Guild of Health and St Raphael  -

The Guild of Health and St Raphael “brings together    Christians, including doctors, psychologists, other health professionals and ministers of religion, to work in fellowship, for fuller health both for individuals and the community; to enable members to study the interaction between physical, mental and spiritual factors in wellbeing through conferences, publications and other educational endeavours; to sustain and strengthen by prayer and sacrament people who are sick or suffering in any way, and all those who minister to them; to help men and women to realise in themselves as members of the Christian family the abundant life offered in Christ and to share this in the world.

Hypnotherapy Directory -

Hypnotherapy Directory was launched to connect individuals with qualified professionals in the UK. We offer information about what hypnotherapy is, how it can help, upcoming events, articles written by professionals and the latest hypnotherapy news.

To ensure the professionalism of our members, we require proof of their qualifications and insurance cover, or proof of professional body membership. This is crucial to providing a website that can be trusted by the public.

Call 0844 803 0253

Irish Chaplaincy -

Janki Foundation -

The Janki Foundation is a UK-based charity that encourages the integration of a spiritual model in modern healthcare. It uses a values-based approach to support healthcare practitioners through an educational programme, Values in Healthcare: a spiritual approach.   The Foundation also produces books and materials to support healing and well-being including Lifting Your Spirits - Seven Tools for Coping with Illness, The Heart of Well-being - Seven tools for surviving and thriving, books with two CD's.

Jewish Association for Mental Illness -

Keeping Health in Mind -

Keeping Health in Mind aims to “reduce stigma and to raise the profile of mental health by offering resources to the church and encouraging local churches to be promoters and protectors of good mental health so all can belong”.

Maslaha -

Mental Health 4 Muslims -

Mental Health Foundation -

Mental Health, Religion and Culture -

Mental Health, Religion & Culture provides an authoritative forum and a single point of reference for the growing number of professionals and academics working in the expanding field of mental health and religion.

The journal publishes empirically-based work which explores the relationships between mental health and aspects of religion and culture, and discusses conceptual and philosophical aspects. Contributions are encouraged from a range of disciplines including: psychiatry, psychology, anthropology, sociology and other social sciences, philosophy, theology and religious studies, community and social work, counselling and pastoral work.

Mind and Soul -

Mind and soul’s vision is “to educate by providing high quality, accessible resources that engage with mental and emotional health, informed by the Christian theology and the latest scientific expertise. To encourage local support networks, empowering and engaging the local church and enhancing mental health services. To enable people to meet with God and receive healing in the midst of emotional distress, presenting a holistic approach to mental health that incorporates the spiritual and the psychological”.

The Mind and soul website has a directory of Christian organisations that provide support, advice and training in the area of mental health and Christian faith as well as listing Christian counsellors and therapists and “mental health friendly” churches.  They have also produced the Mental Health Access Pack – a free online resource for Christians to provide information on mental health issues.


National Health Services Scotland

National Spirituality and Mental Health Forum -

Nishkam Centre -

Opening Minds -

Rethink -

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Spirit in Mind -

Spiritual Crisis Network -

The Path to Self-Compassion -

What one participant said about it: This course has been a life-changing experience for me. Through encouraging us to become familiar with positive mind states such as self-kindness, and self-love, together with the scientific evidence to prove this, Maureen shows us how to change the way we view ourselves and our world. She shows us through her guidance, exercises, and meditations how to dispel our self-doubts, self-judgement, insecurities, uncertainty and fear and to replace these experiences with joy, courage and fearlessness. And if we use the wisdom illustrated in the course we can cultivate new habits and effect great change in ourselves. We can practice self-compassion every day, anytime, anywhere. This is a course which I cannot recommend highly enough” .

Welcome Me As I Am -

Welcome me as I am “promotes mental health awareness in Faith Communities and in the wider community” through training and resources on dementia and mental health.

Whole Person Network -

The Whole person health network “was formed to bring together a number of Christian Health and social care organizations each with its own to give a united voice on Christian Health and Social Care matters; to be a resource for people looking for a Christian expression of their faith and practice; to promote those organizations and individuals who wish to bring faith and science together; to be a repository for information on whole person health and social care and to offer a secure way for members to network with like-minded people involved in similar activities.”


A useful resource of links for your perusal