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Thursday 6th September 2018

Thursday 1st November 2018

The NHS Chaplaincy Guidelines 2015

Promoting Excellence in Pastoral, Spiritual and Religious Care

NHS England, Report by Margaret McGettrick, The Forum Vice-Chair

The NHS has recently issued new Chaplaincy guidelines, providing good practice guidelines for the NHS in England [NHS 2015].

NB: From 1 April 2015, the NHS Chaplaincy programme will be hosted by the Nursing Directorate.

‘The NHS Chaplaincy programme is part of NHS England’s drive to ensure good patient care and compliance with policy and legislative drivers.’

It was ‘prepared by The Revd Dr Chris Swift in consultation with the Chaplaincy leadership Forum [CLF] and the National Equality and Health Inequalities Team, NHS England’.  The CLF was formed in September 2013 as a means of dialogue between NHS England and the various chaplaincy organisations.

To continue reading the full report, you may do so here…

Chaplaincy as/and public theology    click the link to download full article

Professor Stephen Pattison - This paper explores the need for a renewed and creative engagement with theology on the part of chaplains so that it articulates and assists in chaplains’ public work in (mostly secular) institutions.  Acknowledging the current performed public theology of chaplains and the dearth of formal theological activity, possible inhibitors to engaging with theology are then discussed.  Images and metaphors of theology are advanced with a view to showing the pluriformity of this activity.  It is then suggested that chaplains could adopt more creative and imaginative approaches to the theological tradition that might enable prophetic and apologetic roles within organisations, to the benefit of those organisations and chaplaincy itself.

NSMHF Report of the forum:

Child abuse and its impact on adult mental health: how can spirituality help?  To download, please click here

The forum discussion looked at the context and current research, the effect of early life trauma and abuse [the symptoms of disrupted attachment, complex trauma and dissociation and explored the importance of the role of the body and brain in symptoms and recovery], explored the three phase model of recovery and looked spirituality [what helps and what hinders].

Margaret McGettrick - Vice chairman National Spirituality and Mental Health Forum (NSMHF)

Forum Trustee for the Catholic Bishop’s Conference Mental Health Reference Group

Seeking Inspiration

In this paper, on the rediscovery of the spiritual dimension in health and social care in England, Peter Gilbert looks at the current state of health and social care in England, and argues passionately that true leadership is required to being a sense of vocation and an holistic view of the person back into services so that the spirit of the age is not simply reductionist and material, but both personal and transpersonal.

Peter Gilbert, September 2010

Hinduism and Mental Health: Engaging British Hindus

In this paper psychiatrist and Hindu pastor Chetna Kang considers how understanding service users’ symptoms in the context of their cultural background can be of great importance, and looks at the teachings of Hinduism and how they may influence Hindus suffering mental health problems, in particular, British Hindus.

Dr. Chetna Kang, September 2010

Faith Benefits

In this article, two doctors from the Christian Medical fellowship sum up the research evidence around religion and health.

Alex Bunn and David Randall, Easter 2010

Dementia and a Christian Perspective

A Paper prepared for the Church of England’s Mission and Public Affairs Council

Arthur Hawes, January 2010

Should I pray?  Part 1 and Part 2

Article in Community Care magazine by Maria Ahmed on the controversies surrounding Christianity and social work practice

Maria Ahmed, October 2009

Access to Mental Health Project

A report by the Project Manager of JAMI - The Jewish Association for Mental Illness, describing the development of a Jewish-specific forum and website bringing together London’s mental health service providers, with useful lessons for culturally-sensitive mental health services.

Michael Pearce, December 2009

The Heart of Caring

An article for A Life in the Day journal by former chair of Forum describing the purpose and inspiration behind the Forum.

Professor Martin Aaron, November 2008

Strangers in a Strange Land – Part 1

Article on our modern predicament of being strangers in a strange land unpacking the idea of pilgirmage and what it represents. The first part is an introduction by Professor Peter Gilbert

Professor Peter Gilbert, February 2008

Strangers in a Strange Land - Part 2

The second part of the article on pilgrimage, by Jay Boodhoo, gives a Hindu perspective on 'musafir' or being a traveller, looking at pilgrimage as 'a series of inter-generational journeys that allow us to connect and integrate our past, present and future'

Jay Boodhoo, February 2008

Strangers in a Strange Land – Part 3

The final part of the article, by Sarah Carr, looks at pilgrimage as 'a ritual to make sense of suffering and even transform because of it'. She uses the metaphor of people experiencing distress suffering like pilgrims crossing a formidable landscape then striving to negotiate interactions with a seemingly unchanged world

Sarah Carr, February 2008

Engaging Hearts and Minds

Article in Journal of Integrated Care with a broad focus on migration and questions of identity, plus write-up of multi-faith symposium held at Staffs University 2006

Professor Peter Gilbert, August 2007

Engaging Hearts and Minds

Sister article in Journal of Integrated Care to Peter Gilbert's 'engaging...' giving commentary on BME communities and holistic care with reference to the multi-faith symposium at Staffs University

Philomena Harrison, August 2007

The Sea, Me and God

Article in Openmind magazine with personal points of view includes examples of people's experiences of spirituality / faith in relation to their mental health.

Professor Peter Gilbert and Vicky Nicholls, March 2007

Reaching the Spirit

Report of Social Perspectives Network (SPN) study day on spirituality and mental health containing range of contributions and perspectives about the sp/mh relationship.

SPN, April 2006

Breathing Space

Article in Community Care on spirituality and mental health author Peter Gilbert.

Professor Peter Gilbert, January 2006

Keep up your Spirits

Article on the joys of jogging and being a member of a running club.

Professor Peter Gilbert, September 2005


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